The lowdown on modern cloth nappies with Alex Serafini and Taryn Ulster / Fri 3 May


(Our most popular talk to date!) With the environmental and financial benefits of the modern cloth nappy, you may be curious to try it out for yourself.

But with so much to learn and such little time as a new mom, where to begin may feel completely overwhelming. Cloth bum mamas Alex and Taryn, will be sharing their experiences to help get you started on your modern cloth nappy journey. We will discuss where to begin, what you need, care, tips, tricks and even a little giveaway for a lucky future cloth bum mama!


  • 9.30 for 10am, Friday 3 May
  • Ubuntu Baba Boutique Shop
  • Cost includes tea / coffee, homemade muffin plus a shoulder massage 🤗
  • Babies in tums and under 1’s welcome.



Alex is a Cape Town based photographer and mother to one year old Bay. Her modern cloth nappy journey started when Bay was three months old and she has never looked back.

Taryn Ulster, a mom of four, mom blogger over at 3Boys &a Lil’ Miss, and modern cloth nappy user since 2014, used cloth nappies on three of her four children, two of whom wore cloth nappies from birth, and one to potty training so far. She turned to cloth nappies out of sheer desperation from battling with nappy rashes, the result was no more rashes and indirectly had formed countless friendships and gained support from other moms in the cloth nappy community as she learnt ‘How to cloth’… “I felt like a whole new world had opened up upon the discovery of modern cloth nappies, it’s more than just a nappy”.