Play unplugged with child therapist Rosa Krauss / 31 Aug


Learn how to create a subtly stimulating play environment for your baby that encourages exploration, discovery and creativity, without the overwhelm!

WHEN: 9.30 for 10am, Friday 31 August
WHERE: Ubuntu Baba Boutique Shop
Cost includes tea / coffee, homemade muffin plus a shoulder massage 🤗
Babies in tums and under 1’s welcome.



Rosa is a Child and Family Therapist in private practice in Claremont and the owner of online toy store, Honest Toys. She encourages parents to let their children “play, unplugged” by choosing toys that encourage open-ended creative play, rather than digital toys that have limited function and scope for alternate uses. She believes in the value of play as a primary means of learning and development for young children, and feels that it is important that the “tools of their trade” be kind to kids (so, no nasties), kind to the environment (wood from sustainable plantations, for example), and kind to those that manufacture them (through ethical labour practices).