How to restore your post-partum body with Denise Louw / 26 April


Founder of Core Restore, Denise Louw is a highly qualified post-partum pilates expert and Mother of 4 who has been working in the health and fitness industry for 38 years. Through her own journey of motherhood and recovering post-birth, she has used her experience and knowledge to introduce the Mama Restore programme.


  • OMG The 4th Trimester! Straighten up & tighten up!
  • How to restore your post-partum body with simple adjustments to posture & breathing.
  • What core?! Is it still there? Release, Reconnect & Restore.
  • Understanding the bigger picture to get fitter, stronger and leaner.
  • So many exercise programmes – which one do I choose? Clearing up the confusion around the best exercises for a new Mom.
  • Wrap it up?! Belly binding or training the tummy to sit flat?


  • 9.30 for 10am, Friday 26 April
  • Ubuntu Baba Boutique Shop
  • Cost includes tea / coffee, homemade muffin plus a shoulder massage.
  • Babies in tums and under 1’s welcome.



“I help women to regain body confidence after having a baby, lose the Mummy Tummy, control leakage and feel great inside and out. What this means for a new mom is to feel more in love with her post natal body as I empower her with knowledge. She will feel healthier, have less aches and pains and begin to love herself again. The REAL benefit for a new mom is TRUE confidence, feeling more emotionally in control, in a better mind space and connected with her body.”