Post natal depression & other experiences explored with Janie Loubser / 5 June


Post Natal Depression occurs in about one in every ten mothers. It is essential that we know how to recognise, treat and prevent it. But it is not the only experience a new mother goes through and that is why Janie Loubser [MA Clin Psych] is inviting you to join her as she explores the wide range of post natal experiences.

In her ten years as a clinical psychologist she has done post graduate diploma in the mother-infant bond as well as advanced training in couples therapy. She has helped many parents and children as well as couples to navigate the relationships we hold so dearly yet find complicated at the same time.

Janie however believes that the most important relationship we have, is the one with ourselves. And it is especially this relationship that gets disrupted when we have a baby. When she speaks about this disruption as ‘traumatic’ she speaks from personal experience: she gave birth to her 15 month old son when her 39 year old self was firmly set in it’s ways and quite happy with her ways too!

It’s Janie’s life mission to make psychology understandable, practical and useful. She will show us why we get depressed and anxious so that we can let go of the guilt and self-criticism. New mothers are very vulnerable to judgement and shame and Janie’s hope is that we will leave feeling empowered and lighter.


  • 9.30 for 10am, Wednesday 5 June
  • Ubuntu Baba Boutique Shop
  • Cost includes tea / coffee, homemade muffin plus a shoulder massage
  • Babies in tums and under 1’s welcome.



“I’m a clinical psychologist with more than 10 years experience. I have a strong interest in the mind and how we can apply our minds to achieve overall health and fulfillment. I help my clients to understand their emotions and their minds as well as guide them toward development and change.”