What Mama’s are saying about our chats:

The value that these types of gatherings give to new (and old time) Moms is invaluable and like a sort of therapy - a chance for us to connect and share. Motherhood can sometimes feel lonely and make you feel like you may be the only one going through something, so when you hear that you are not alone, it makes it A WHOLE lot better! The neck and shoulder massage, yummy muffin and tea (that is not ice cold haha) was the absolute cherry on top, and much needed.

Lisa RaeMama to 2 month old & 3 year old

I loved it. It was so relaxed. The informal setting makes it easy to share in a "safe", non-judgmental space. Muffins were delicious and the massage is the bomb! I really loved how it was open to chat and share at the end, that 30/45 mins or so. I learnt so much from everyone's experiences. With these mom groups, yes it's amazing to learn but I think it's mainly about connecting and getting out the house. Often your stuck at home for days with baby and forget your a human - being able to express yourself, laugh and let babies socialize is the main perk for me.

Alex SerafiniMama to 1 year old

It was really nice to hear other moms talk about their birth stories openly, it's becoming more common for moms to share and support each other these days and not judge each other, and it helped me to feel more comfortable with the birth I had and the decision we made. I'll definitely be attending a few more of these meet-ups before I go back to work. It's really nice to hear those shared experiences and get an understanding of what other people have been through.

Cindy DowningMama to 4 month old & 5 year old

A morning spent with other beautiful women and their baba's is so fun and actually necessary - the tips, shared info and not to mention the massage - every mom should do it! One of the best parts of becoming a new Mom is talking about it, connecting with other women who are in the same phase of life as you are and who understand. Sharing stories and experiences is what helps us deal with times that can sometimes be tough, especially on this wild journey called motherhood!

Gabriella BenedictaMama to 3 month old

The Ubuntu Baba shop is so beautiful and it was a wonderful, welcoming and safe environment to 'retreat' from the busy rush of everyday routine. What an absolute treat to have a massage and tea! The 'chat' itself was really enlightening and I was surprised at how listening to other Moms and their concerns made me feel less alone on this journey. In short, it was a fantastic 2 hours spent and I'd highly recommend it (have already told a few friends about it.)

Angela WaughMama-to-be